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Le Negro
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Harlem Nights 1989

An absolutely great film.

» Critics hated this film. A prime example of white people not understanding a thing, so they shit all over the thing, point to it, and call it crap. Eddie was so upset by the critical failure, he didn’t watch the movie for years. He appreciates it now for what it is, but can you imagine working so hard on something you love with people you admire, putting it out in the world and then having it trashed?

This movie is amazing. It’s hilarious. One of Eddie Murphy’s best. The writing is on point. The direction is on point. It’s a cult classic in the black community, because we know gold when we see it.

If you haven’t seen Harlem Nights get your life and get it done.

I can watch this movie 1000000 times and i’d never get tired of it…and example z as to why white folks ain’t got no business reviewing black things they “don’t understand” this shit deadazz a classic